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The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners!


The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners!

โพสต์โดย SokSareth » 20 มี.ค. 2019, 15:26


Want to boost your chances of winning the lottery without spending more money? Consider playing the lottery with others as part of a lottery syndicate. You’ll get more chances of winning and split the cost of the tickets. Amazingly, some of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots have been won by syndicate players. The many stories of syndicate success will convince you to join a lottery syndicate for an upcoming draw!.

What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate, also known as a lottery pool, is a group of players who buy lottery tickets together. Syndicate players split the cost of the purchase and as a result, they can afford to buy more lines. The more lines played, the greater the odds of winning. When one of their tickets win, each syndicate player receives a proportionate part of the winnings.

Syndicates can be made up of friends, family, or even work colleagues. According to the UK National Lottery, two thirds of current syndicates are work based. Play lottery online at theLotter gives you the advantage that the lottery syndicates are already set up for you. You can choose which one you want to play, purchase your shares, and you’ll be participating in the next draw as a part of odds-boosting, cost-saving lottery syndicate.

Listed below are some of the biggest lottery syndicate success stories. This is by no means an exhaustive list because syndicates are winning lottery jackpots all the time. Will you find yourself listed here soon?

Also, choosing numbers that create a certain shapes on the lotto ticket such as diagonals or circles is pointless. The draw of the numbers is never related to the form of the ticket or the way the numbers are printed on it.

If one wants to play lotto professionally he should join a syndicate. This is a group of people who play lotto as a group and share the wins. As more people are playing different numbers, the chance that one of them will win is higher.

The advices above should help people who are thinking of ways to make extra money at home by playing the lottery.

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Re: The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners!

โพสต์โดย kawinha » 22 มี.ค. 2019, 13:05

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Re: The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners!

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